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Ndu is a town and commune in Donga-Mantung, a department of the Northwest Region of Cameroon. It lies at the northeast edge of the Bamenda Grassfields, on the eastern arc of the Ring Road. It is the highest elevation town in Cameroon.

About 85,000 people live in Ndu commune. Most are Wimbum – the three clans which speak the Limbum language. Ndu commune contains the southeast part of Wimbum-land, including the villages of Talla, Ngarum, Taku, Ntundip, Luh, Ndu-town, Mbipgo, Njimkang, Njilah, Wowo, Sehn, Ntumbaw, Njirong, Ngulu, Nseh Macop, Sinna and Sop. Nkambe Central commune contains the rest of Wimbum-land. Most Wimbum are farmers, raising maize, beans, Irish potatoes, yams, njama-njama, tomatoes, coffee, plantains, and rice. Most soils are rich and the rain is generally sufficient for good crops. At the south end of Ndu commune is the Ndu Tea Estate, the largest tea plantation in Cameroon. Some people raise cattle, horses, goats, sheep, and fowls.

Ndu town is the administrative headquarters of the commune. The town includes a large market, hotels, schools, a hospital, a gendarmerie, and the Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary.

Ndu lies in Cameroon’s Western High Plateau. The land is quite hilly, with elevations ranging from 700m on the Mbaw plain to cool grassy highlands like Talla at 2200m. Important tree species include mahogany, iroko and sapele.

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